Why do so many people get burned out from playing Genshin Impact?

Content creators, regular streamers, regular players – all of us have something in common with Genshin Impact, and that’s the fact that we all got burned out by the game at least once. No matter how much we use Genshin top up to pull for those strong characters and keep getting that high, and no matter how much variety content the game has, everyone has that feeling of “I just want to quit forever” at least once or twice.

During the Sumeru expansion, we’ve seen a LOT of Genshin Impact content creators quit. Aside from the main ones like Zy0x, Braxophone, etc. who make a direct living out of creating guides for the game. Others who just streamed it for one quit for the most part and haven’t returned until recently. Why is that?


Reason 1: FOMO


Fear of missing out is, in our opinion, the number one blemish on an otherwise remarkable game. Now, this is by no means only a “Genshin problem”, but it is less accentuated in other gacha games such as Honkai Star Rail and quite possibly Wuthering Waves as well since both of those games have/will have more ethical gameplay and pity systems in place.

For example, in Honkai Star Rail there is no “Epitomized Path” where you can lose your 50/50 twice in a row, and only the third is guaranteed to be the Event Banner Weapon. This means that in Genshin Impact you need at least 210 Wishes to get a guaranteed Event Weapon. Compare that to 140 pulls needed in Honkai Star Rail which is already more generous with Stellar Jades/Star Rail Passes, and even worse – to Wuthering Waves where there is no 50/50 for Weapon Banners and instead you have a guaranteed chosen weapon at 80~ Pulls… and what do you get?

You get a playerbase that is incentivized to play through all of the content as quickly and mechanically as possible in order to not miss out on their favorite characters and their weapons. This means that a lot of players won’t stop to enjoy the game and all the fun exploration and world-building it has to offer. They’ll just open up one of the two different Genshin Impact Interactive maps and play it like a checklist.Find a Genshin Impact account for sale that has already beaten all of the story

Reason 2: Genshin Unskippable, boring Side and World Quests

A lot of the exploratory content is locked behind World Quests. Inazuma and Sumeru are infamous for this. Some of these world quests can be fun, others can be quite boring. However, no matter if they’re fun or not – the inability to skip through un-voiced dialogue faster is quite an affront to players’ free time.

There’s a reason why so many people quit Sumeru, and that’s the Aranara questline. It is obscure, annoying, and 90% of it is talking to cute little leaf people. While we can all agree that the questline/story surrounding the Aranara is wholesome, there was no reason to make it so long, annoying, and unskippable. What’s worse is that in order to access a lot of the areas that hold treasures, puzzles, and Dendroculi, you need to finish the Aranara questline. This means that you’re locked out of that content unless you do it… and this, in turn, means that most people will force themselves to do it because they want the rewards – Primogems – from gathering these treasures in order to pull for characters and weapons.

Reason 3: Genshin ImpactStory Pacing

Similarly to the hit anime, One Piece, Genshin’s main problem is the pacing of its story. There are a LOT of moments and quests that serve no purpose other than to pad out time in order to artificially boost player engagement and playtime through out. Most of the main story-lines end up being 80% Dialogue, 20% Gameplay…


Instead of enjoying the game at your own pace, you’re forced to play through its content even if you might not enjoy most of it. While there’s an argument to be made for “Why play it if you don’t like it that much”, there’s also an argument that you might like the gameplay quite a bit, but the story/quests are a slog – and should be given an option to skip most of the dialogue cutscenes from the get-go.

Either way, you could always find a Genshin Impact account for sale that has already beaten all of the story – and all that’s left is to explore and play at your own pace!

Furqan Mughal

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