Intel CEO’s Pay Soars as Stock Outperforms, Yet Trails Behind AMD’s Su

Intel Corp’s Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger received a significant pay raise in 2023, marking a 45% increase from the previous year. Despite this hike, his earnings still lag behind Lisa Su, CEO of rival company Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD). This financial revelation comes from Intel’s latest proxy statement, spotlighting the competitive compensation dynamics in the tech industry.

Gelsinger vs. Su: A Comparative Overview

In 2023, Gelsinger’s total compensation amounted to $16.86 million, up from $11.61 million in 2022. This adjustment reflects Intel’s remarkable stock performance, which soared by 90.1% during the same period. However, AMD’s CEO Lisa Su reported an even higher total compensation of $30.35 million, maintaining a significant lead over Gelsinger.

Breakdown of CEO Compensation

Gelsinger’s salary saw a reduction to $1.07 million, but stock awards and performance bonuses significantly boosted his total earnings. In contrast, Su’s package included a mix of salary, stock, and option awards, underscoring the lucrative nature of leadership roles in top tech firms.

Beyond the Numbers: Perks and Priorities

Intel and AMD both cater to their CEOs with unique benefits and perks, ranging from retirement plan contributions to company-provided car services. Notably, Intel emphasized the importance of security measures for its CEO, reflecting the high stakes and responsibilities associated with leading a global tech giant.

The Bigger Picture: Tech Industry Titans

As Intel and AMD navigate the competitive semiconductor landscape, Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) CEO Jensen Huang remains a key figure to watch. With Nvidia’s stock experiencing an astronomical rise, the tech community eagerly awaits the disclosure of Huang’s compensation for the latest fiscal year.

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Reflecting on Leadership and Market Performance

The compensation packages of Gelsinger, Su, and potentially Huang underscore the tech industry’s valuation of leadership amidst rapid market changes. As these companies continue to innovate and expand their market share, the scrutiny of executive compensation remains a poignant discussion point for investors and industry watchers alike.

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