How Much Does It Cost to Change House Door Locks

Changing the locks on your house door is a prudent investment in security and peace of mind, whether you’ve recently moved into a new home, experienced a security breach, or simply want to upgrade your existing locks. However, many homeowners may wonder about the cost implications of such a task.

In this article, we’ll explore the various factors that influence the cost of changing house door locks, including the types of locks chosen, locksmith charges, and additional services provided.

A Guide on Costs Associated with Changing House Door Locks.

Here is a complete guide on costs estimated for changing house door locks.

Types of Locks and Estimated Costs

The cost of changing house door locks can vary depending on the type of locks chosen and the complexity of the installation process. Here’s a breakdown of estimated costs for different types of locks.

  • Standard Cylinder Locks 

These are basic, traditional locks commonly found on many residential doors. They are typically the most affordable option, with prices ranging from £20 to £50 per lock.

  • Deadbolt Locks 

Deadbolt locks offer enhanced security and are more resistant to forced entry attempts. Prices typically start at around £30 and can go up to £100 or more for high-security models.

  • Smart Locks 

Smart locks utilize advanced technology, allowing homeowners to lock and unlock their doors remotely using a smartphone app or keypad. While smart locks offer convenience and additional features, they are generally more expensive, with prices ranging from £100 to £300 or more per lock.

  • Mortise Locks 

Mortise locks are installed within the door and offer superior security and durability. Due to their complex design and installation process, mortise locks tend to be more expensive, with prices starting at around £50 and going up to £200 or more.

  • High-Security Locks 

High-security locks are specifically designed to resist picking, drilling, and other advanced forms of attack. These locks often come with additional security features and patented key control systems, making them the most expensive option. Prices for high-security locks can range from £100 to £500 or more per lock, depending on the brand and level of security offered.

Locksmith Charges

In addition to the cost of the locks themselves, homeowners must also consider locksmith charges for the installation or replacement of door locks. Locksmiths in Ware typically charge for their time and expertise, as well as any additional services provided. Here are some common locksmith charges to be aware of:

  • Service Call Fee 

Locksmiths may charge a service call fee for traveling to your location, typically ranging from £50 to £100 or more, depending on the distance and time of day.

  • Labor Costs 

Labor costs for changing house door locks can vary depending on the complexity of the job and the time required for installation. Locksmiths may charge an hourly rate, ranging from £50 to £100 or more, or a flat fee for the entire job.

  • Additional Services 

Locksmiths in Stansted may offer additional services such as key duplication, lock rekeying, or security assessments for an additional charge. Prices for these services can vary depending on the locksmith and the specific requirements of the job.


The cost of changing house door locks depends on various factors, including the types of locks chosen, locksmith charges, and additional services provided. While standard cylinder locks are the most affordable option, homeowners may opt for deadbolt locks, smart locks, mortise locks, or high-security locks for enhanced security and peace of mind. 

When budgeting for this home improvement task, it’s essential to consider both the upfront costs of the locks and the fees associated with locksmith services. By investing in quality locks and hiring a reputable locksmith, homeowners can ensure the security and protection of their homes for years to come.

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