News Revolutionizes Augmented Reality Landscape with New Partnerships

TORONTO, ON – Pioneering Change in AR Technology

ARway Corporation (OTCQB: ARWYF) (FSE: E65), a leader in AI-driven Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, is thrilled to announce a series of new developer sign-ups for its innovative platform, marking a significant leap towards integrating AR in everyday life. These developments underscore ARway’s commitment to transforming human interaction with physical spaces through advanced AR solutions.

Strategic Collaborations Enhance Real Estate and Navigation

  • Empowering Real Estate with AR: La Casa de Juana Joins Forces with ARway

ARway warmly welcomes La Casa de Juana, a Chile-based real estate platform, into its ecosystem. This collaboration aims to introduce AR-driven real estate tours, offering an immersive viewing experience that blends virtual elements with real-world environments, thereby enhancing the property evaluation process.

  • Navigine and ARway: Navigating the Future Together

Global indoor navigation provider Navigine has chosen to integrate ARway’s cutting-edge AR technology into its solutions. This partnership promises to revolutionize indoor navigation by merging ARway’s no-code, no-beacon spatial computing with Navigine’s expertise, creating visually engaging and interactive navigation experiences without the need for extensive hardware installations.

Recent Milestones and Technological Advances

ARway’s technology continues to attract global attention, with recent achievements including a major retail store pilot and partnerships extending ARway’s reach into education and global markets. The release of SDK 3.0 marks a significant upgrade, emphasizing ARway’s leadership in spatial computing.


ARway is at the forefront of delivering AR experiences for indoor spaces, leveraging AI to allow seamless creation of navigation, tours, and interactive features without the need for complex coding or physical beacons. Compatible across iOS and Android, ARway’s solutions are optimized for both mobile devices and AR glasses, offering endless possibilities for augmenting physical spaces.

A New Chapter: ARway’s Spin-off from Nextech

In a strategic move, ARway was spun out from its parent company,, on October 26, 2022. Nextech retains a 50% stake in ARway, benefiting from its expertise in AI-powered 3D modeling and AR technologies. continues to excel in providing AR experiences and 3D model services to an impressive roster of clients.

Forward-looking Ambitions

As ventures into new territories and explores untapped potentials of AR, its innovative approach is set to redefine industry standards and open up new avenues for augmented experiences. The collaborations with La Casa de Juana and Navigine only scratch the surface of what’s possible, paving the way for a future where AR becomes an integral part of daily life.

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For investor relations, please contact Julia Viola at CEO and Director Evan Gappelberg is available for further inquiries at 866-ARITIZE (274-8493).

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SOURCE: ARway Corporation

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